When Nirmala Sitharaman showed how to engage demonetisation critics instead of name-calling

She is among the most active ministers on Twitter who engages in conversations and discussions over varied topics

BJP Ministers are known for engaging in conversations in Twitter with their followers. Be it External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, the ministers never miss a chance to reveal their presence on the social media.

One such lesser talked about leader is Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, Nirmala Sitharaman. @nsitharaman is among the most active ministers on Twitter who engages on conversations and discussions over varied topics.

Leveraging Twitter for a conversation on demonetisation, Sitharaman on Friday, asked questions to a journalist when he criticised the government for the move.

“GoI recognizes that there are difficulties & hence continuous responses based on inputs from the ground. But that does not stop me from questioning anyone if they remained silent before #demonetization & claim something now. Opportunism?,” she quipped.

Giving a lesson to the journalist, she advised him to engage with her on the basis of facts and not be judgemental.

Not just this journalist, she also gave answers to those who questioned how Modi government is trying to ‘transform the economy’.

Apart from managing her own Twitter feed, the leader also spearheaded the move where the commerce and industry ministry launched a new service ‘Twitter Seva’ to address issues and grievances of start-ups, exporters and importers, and other stakeholders.

The service has an institutionalised mechanism with a special Twitter cell which is manned by a set of officers from the ministry itself.

While launching the service, Sitharaman had said that the ministry would try and respond to the queries of the stakeholders within 48 to 72 working hours.