Watch: Arvind Kejriwal fears split in AAP, asks leaders not to let BJP 'break party', 'keep phone recording on'

Post MCD polls debacle, Arvind Kejriwal is fearing a split in the party and has asked his councillors to take oath. Watch video here

Delhi Minister Arvind Kejriwal on April 27 called for an emergency meeting after top leaders from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) tendered a resignation. While adressing the members of the party Kejriwal in a bid to keep to flock together urged the party members to not be influenced by the BJP who will “try break” the party.

“You have no liability. AAP doesn’t sell tickets unlike other parties. If you want to stay honest, you can. Do it. Don’t give in to greed,” he said. He further asked the party leaders to not let the BJP break the party and to keep their recording devices on at all times.

The Delhi Chief Minister asked the party leaders to work with homesty and to keeo a check on the corruption in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).


Affirming that it was not a formality, Arvind Kejriwal also asked his councillors to take oath that they would give their best to theit party and perform their duties with utmost honesty.’Swear on God not betray this pure party,’ he said.

This comes a day after AAP faced a humiliating defeat in the MCD elections. Following which, top leaders from AAP including alka Lamnba and Sanjay Singh offered to resign from their posts.