Vinod Khanna was a sincere politician, yet he couldn't visit his constituency Gurdaspur after a terror attack. Here's why

He joined the BJP in 1997 and fought his maiden Lok Sabha election from Gurdaspur constituency in 1998.

In 2016, when Vinod Khanna’s constituency Gurdaspur in Pathankot had faced two terror attack in a short span of time, the locals were angry that their MP didn’t pay them a visit. There were media reports about angry locals who wanted their MP to visit them. Seven security personnel had died in the 2016 January, Gurdaspur terrror attack in an Indian Air Force Base. This was the second attack within a span of six months. As a result, locals wanted their leader to be present among them.

Back then Khanna didn’t specify why exactly he couldn’t come for a visit although he did respond through his secretary that he wasn’t well. Back then no one could really sense why he wasn’t able to come to his constituency, from where he had won all elections since 1999 with the exception of 2009.

Now, its known, that Khanna has been suffering from bladder cancer. The degree of his deteriorating health was known only when someone shared a picture of him recently, while he was admitted in hospital. He had lost a lot of weight and visibly looked fragile. His family back then had attributed this drastic weight loss to dehydration.

Vinod Khanna

Khanna breathed his last today at 11:20 am at Mumbai’s HN Reliance Hospital.

Khanna has been a very sincere and loved MP. He joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1997 and was fought his maiden Lok Sabha election from Gurdaspur constituency in 1998.  He won the election. He was also the Minister for Culture and Tourism in July 2002  and then in six months he took charge as the Minister of External Affairs (MoS). He was the sitting MP from Gurdaspur.