Valentine's Day 2017: Moral police say Bhagat Singh was hung on Feb 14. Just LOL

The Punjab Unit of Shiv Sena had first made the demand to declare Valentine's Day as "Black Day" last year.

Bhagat Singh was hung to death on March 23rd, 1931. At least that’s what the official government records say. But supporters of a right-wing outfit claim that the freedom fighter breathed his last on Feb 14, therefore calling on the government to ban Valentine’s Day.

The Punjab Unit of Shiv Sena had first made the demand to declare Valentine’s Day as “Black Day” last year, in order to commemorate the death of Bhagat Singh. According to the flawed history that was being preached by SS Hindustan, all three Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hung to death on Feb 14.

(Source: Twitter/ Rahul M)

In fact, they were so convincing in their demand that a district education officer in Punjab called on all local schools to observe the day as “gratitude day” and perform a prayer to mark the sacrifice of the three freedom fighters. The instructions of the authorities were enshrined in a circular issued by authorities in Solapur.

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However and fortunately, the circular was withdrawn after official government records came to light, which state what we have always known about Bhagat Singh’s death date.

What could be the possible motivation of SS Hindustan?

Shiv Sena is a right-wing political outfit that’s headquartered in Mumbai, but has also been looking to expand it’s political footprint in other parts of India. In the past, right-wing outfits such as Shiv Sena have expressed their opposition to Valentine’s Day, which they see as a “Western import” perverting India’s culture. As part of their opposition to the Day of Love, they harass young couples who come out in public spaces to be together on this day. Every year around Valentine’s Day, there are reports of Hindu and Muslim outfits taking to streets to preach morality to young unmarried couples.

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Last year, there were reports of goons claiming allegiance to Shiv Sena Hindustan chasing away couples from parks in Bathinda. The year before that, self-proclaimed Hindu activists from Bajrang Dal and Sri Ram Sene reportedly harassed couples in parks, pubs and malls of Mangalore.

The rumour of Bhagat Singh dying on Feb 14 is believed to be part of the same resistance to Valentine’s Day. Trapping young couples in a guilt trip so that they give up on celebrations altogether on learning that a great freedom fighter died on the same day seems to have been the game plan, which eventually failed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!