Unclear whether Manmohan Singh is showing my report card or his own: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. He charges the opposition of supporting corruption.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a massive jibe at former  Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA. Modi asserted that the poverty and corruption that the country is suffering from is the result of their ill leadership. While while speaking in Varanasi, Prime Minister said that he was not clear whether the opposition was exhibiting his report card or that of their own.

Slamming the opposition, PM Modi said, “Our soldiers risk their lives and go to Pakistan and return alive. Some people have a problem with that too.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further attacked  Rahul Gandhi who levelled massive against him yesterday. PM Modi sarcastically said that Rahul Gandhi who was a young politician is finally learning the art of speaking. Rahul Gandhi while addressing the rally had claimed that Modi had taken Rs 40 crore from Sahara.

However, the Prime Minister did not even bother to deny any of the allegations laid out by the Congress Vice President. PM Modi further went on to say that he was shocked to see the opposition backing corruption by supporting them to stand against the decision of Demonetisation.