Amma was poisoned to death, says Jayalalithaa loyalist Shihan Hussaini

Jayalalithaa's loyalist Shihan Hussaini claimed that Jayalalitha was poisoned.

All hell broke loose when Jayalalithaa’s loyalist Shihan Hussaini claimed that Jayalalitha was poisoned.

Previous to this, there were several reports which claimed that Jayalalithaa was slow poisoned by none other than her closest aide Sasikala Natrajan. A report published back in 2012 in Tehelka magazine had explained the same.

It stated that she was given sedatives with small amounts of poison through a nurse who was appointed by Sasikala herself.

During the 74 days that she was admitted in the hospital, there was no clear information coming out about her health.

Earlier in a letter, addressed to PM Narendra Modi, popular actor Gautami Tadimalla has raised questions about the secrecy that was maintained and the “blanketing of information”.

Nobody, not even her niece, were allowed to visit her in the hospital.

Apart from this, the day when Jayalalitha suffered the cardiac arrest which almost thrashed all hopes of her survival, Sasikala allegedly asked all the party members to sign blank papers without briefing any reasons. Also, due to to her closeness to Jayalalithaa, no questions were asked.

Since the day Tamil Nadu CM has passed away, there have been many questions rising up related to her death but an exact answer is still awaited.