This Quora thread has taken Modi bhakti to a whole new level. You have to read it to believe it

Since he was elected as the PM, Narendra Modi has had an equal share of support and criticism, but this post gives too rosy a picture to be true

You can love him or hate him but you surely cannot ignore him. Be it his speeches in Parliament, his ‘mann ki baat’ on radio or his election speeches during rallies, he makes sure that he is being heard. There are hardly any of his speeches which do not run him into a controversy or give ammunition to the opposition to hit back.

Since the time he was announced the prime ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2013 to the current situation in 2017 when he is about to complete 3 years as the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has had an equally strong support as has been the criticism. His supporters are often termed as ‘bhakts’ and his critics are often termed as ‘anti-nationals’.

But what if you are asked to describe Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one sentence? What would your reaction be? The question was posted on Quora by a user. But though the web is flooded with both negative and positive comments, this thread is all praises for the Prime Minister. If this thread is to be believed, there is nothing wrong that Narendra Modi has ever done. He has been glorified as someone with a Midas touch which can do nothing but all that is right!

Some appreciated him in just one word!

“Man of Demonetisation”, “Tejasvi”, “Workaholic”: They called him.

Some had one liners for him like:

The Man who has proved the impossible as I’m possible.

A man who’s a perfect example for all those who have high dreams but Less scope, also can make it to their dreams.

But there were others who thought he is so miraculous and courageous that he cannot be defined in a word or even a sentence.

In just one line it is impossible to describe about him because his limits are tending to infinity but still I can say he can be God Vishnu’s 11th avatar (incarnation) to save India from adharma in kalyuga.

“It is impossible to define our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi in one sentence. The work which he is doing for the country is tremendously unexpected. He is a man of words and the commitment which he gives, he always take it into an action and executes it. His vision is like a hawk in the sky which can chase a small bird easily from a long distance,” says a user.

I can’t create any sentence at moment but these words describe him best

“Hard Work” for the fact that he never took any day offs and work for more than average working hours

“Genuine” (though I don’t know him personally I wish did 😛 )beside all the politics he actually is an emotional person, for fact that he gave shelter and raised a guy from Nepal and all this without any media coverage while he was in Gujrat.

“Cause-driven” nothing better example can be given than the Demonetisation move, he deeply understood the cause of the move and did it knowing the fact that it would cost him 2 major elections.

PM Modi has won millions of hearts, what India needed for last 60 years of independency he grabbed it from other countries who wants to take advantage of India.

The question that was posted almost a fortnight back has just a few balanced answers. One of them calls Modi arrogant but more or less praises him in his answer. Doesn’t it seem like too rosy a picture to be true? Does it seem like a tailored post, something that is more like a publicity stunt?