This NDA MP is investor, director in Arnab Goswami's new venture 'Republic'

Reports suggest the channel will start airing before the crucial Uttar Pradesh elections in the first quarter of 2017

Now the nation knows that the former Newshour anchor Arnab Goswami, who left his job last year, is all set to launch his new venture, called Republic. But, very few will be aware of that a member of the Rajya Sabha and vice-chairman of the NDA in Kerala, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, is one of the largest investors and a director in Goswami’s upcoming media venture.

The venture applied for uplinking and downlinking of a news channel in late November. Reports suggest the channel will start airing before the crucial Uttar Pradesh elections in the first quarter of 2017.

According to the Indian Express, Republic will be part of a company called ARG Outlier Media Private Limited. Chandrasekhar, through companies owned by him, has invested over Rs 30 crore in ARG Outlier.

Here’s all you need to know about Chandrasekhar

  • Chandrasekhar, who has been a Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka since 2006, was appointed vice-chairman of NDA in Kerala in September 2016.
  • Through his companies, he has major investments in Asianet News Network in Kerala, and Suvarna News and Kannada Prabha in Karnataka.
  • On September 21, Amit Gupta, chief operating officer of Jupiter Capital, through which Chandrasekhar owns media investments, emailed editorial heads. He wrote that all editorial talent to be hired should be “right of center in his / her editorial tonality”, “Pro-India, Pro-Military”, “aligned to Chairman’s ideology” (chairman being Chandrasekhar) and “well familiarised” with the chairman’s thoughts on “nationalism and governance”. The email ended: “Offers being rolled out shall be summarised and shared with Chairman’s office as regards the credentials (only) and hiring managers have to ensure that the above has been ticked appropriately.” Gupta, however, requested the email be “ignored” the next day.
  • Chandrasekhar’s Jupiter Capital also has investments in defence-related companies. Axiscades Engineering Technology Limited, a subsidiary of Jupiter, signed contracts with the Defence Ministry for supplying Aircraft Recognition Training Systems to the Army and IAF for 18 months and a multi-year annual maintenance contract in March 2016.
  • He also currently serves as member of the Parliament Standing Committee on Defence, Consultative Committee on Defence, the Central Advisory Committee for the National Cadet Corps, Select committee on Real Estate and Select Committee on GST.