Tamil Nadu crisis live updates: DMK announces hunger strike on Feb 22 in all district offices of the party

The ongoing crisis in Tamil Nadu with Paneerselvam openly revolting against Sasikala have caused a massive uproar. Here are the live updates.

E Palaniswani wins the floor test therefore he will continue as Tamil Nadu CM. He won the vote of confidence after all 6 divisions of MLAs in Tamil Nadu Assembly voted in the favour of CM Palanisamy ,however, Pannerselvam while reacting on the decision said, the voters have been betrayed by MLAs.

Ahead of trust vote, opposition creates massive ruckus inside the Tamil Nadu assembly forcing Speaker P Dhanpal to adjourn it till 1 pm. MLAs from opposition party gheraoed Speaker inside the assembly. Not only this MLAs threw chairs, torn documents, broke speaker’s mic. DMK MLA Ku Ka Selvam sat on Speaker’s chair in protest.

The fate on the newly appointed Chief Minster of Tamil Nadu Edappadi Palaniswami will be decided as he seek a crucial floor test in the special session of Sate Assembly on February 18. The speaker P Dhanapal has called for a session of Tamil Nadu assembly to prove majority.

On February 17, AIADMK faction led by Panneerselavm removed Sasikala Natarajan from the primary membership of the party. Its Presidium Chairman E Madhusudanan sacked Sasikala and her nephew TTV Dinakaran and S Venkatesh from their respective party posts.

After 10 days long political drama, Sasikala loyalist and AIADMK legislature party leader E Palanisamy took the chief ministerial chair of Tamil Nadu. Palanisamy took oath as Chief Minister  along with a 31-member cabinet on February 16  at Raj Bhavan in Chennai. The 63-year-old leader will seek a vote of confidence on Saturday at a special session called by Governor where he will have to prove majority.

Just a day after Sasikala Natarajan surrendered at the Bangalore court, Tamil Nadu Governor C.Vidyasagar Rao invited her loyalist E Palaniswami to form the government in the state.

Here are the latest updates:

1: 18 PM: I will participate in Tiruchi for the hunger strike on Feb 22, says MK Stalin
12:40 PM: O Panneerselvam reached Raj Bhavan to meet TN Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao
12:18 PM: DMK announces hunger strike on Feb 22 in all district offices of the party in Tamil Nadu
12: 04 PM: We’ve submitted a memorandum on the issue to TN Governor; He has promised to look into the matter, says Tiruchi Siva
12: 01 PM: Sans participation of Opposition in Assembly, the trust vote moved by CM was passed; It’s illegal, says Tiruchi Siva after meeting Governor.
11:05 AM: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisami reaches Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Vidyasagar Rao.
11:00 AM: DMK’s working President MK Stalin holds a special meeting with party MLAs at the party headquarters.
Feb 19: 10:00 AM: FIR filed against DMK leader MK Stalin for his party’s protest at Marina Beach

Feb 18, 6:20 PM: Request Tamil Nadu Governor to restore democratic values&order Assembly postponement for conducting secret voting on Confidence Motion-MK Stalin in letter

Feb 18, 5: 30 PM: MK Stalin and other protesting DMK MLAs have been detained by police at Marina Beach

Feb 18, 4:53 PM: Police detains Stalin for protests

Feb 18, 4: 52 PM: Everybody watched how rival faction OPS camp worked against Amma’s govt; This day brought forward real Amma supporters: TN CM Palaniswami

Feb 18, 4:40 PM: Draft Compensation Bill approved in GST Council meeting; Government will bring this bill in the next session of Parliament, said sources.

Feb 18, 4:15 PM: CM Palaniswami pays tribute at Jayalalithaa memorial after winning floor test in Tamil Nadu Assembly

Feb 18, 4:13 PM: Chennai: TN CM E Palaniswamy, AIADMK Ministers and MLAs pay tribute at Jayalalithaa memorial at Marina Beach

Feb 18, 4: 12 PM: DMK Working President MK Stalin will hold a protest at Chennai’s Marina Beach

Feb 18, 4:00 PM: Chennai: DMK Working President MK Stalin met Governor C.Vidyasagar Rao after floor test in Tamil Nadu Assembly

Feb 18, 3:55 PM: Family thrown out frm party by Amma again come into picture with VK Sasikala’s intervention;It won’t last,Amma’s rule will b establshed, says OPS

Feb 18, 3:49 PM: There wr constant threats;abusive language was used. Things would’ve been different if secret ballot was done-Pandiarajan (OPS camp) on floor test

Feb 18, 3:48 PM: We had kept 2 demands before speaker, one was to send MLAs to their constituencies, but Speaker didn’t agree to them, says O Panneerelvam

Feb 18, 3:40 PM: We have time to prove this, at the end only dharma will win. If need be will meet the Governor: O Panneerselvam on floor test.

Feb 18, 3:30 PM:

Feb 18, 3:27 PM: 122 MLAs in the assembly voted in favour of CM Palanisamy

Feb 18, 3:25 PM: After all 6 divisions of MLAs in Tamil Nadu Assembly vote in favour, CM Palanisamy wins vote of confidence

Feb 18, 3: 13 PM: CM Palanisamy’s vote of confidence: Voting begins in Tamil Nadu assembly

Feb 18, 3:11 PM: Congress stages walk out from Tamil Nadu Assembly

Feb 18, 3:10 PM:  Even though I was manhandled and shirt was torn, I reconvened house. The house will function only acc to rules, says P Dhanapal

Feb 18, 3:03 PM:

Feb 18, 2:58 PM: We are going to meet the Governor to apprise him of the situation here: MK Stalin

Feb 18, 2:57 PM: We were told that assembly will reconvene at 3 pm, but at 2 pm Police came and tried to forcefully evict us.My shirt also torn says MK Stalin

Feb 18, 2:56 PM: Speaker tore of his shirt himself and blamed MLAs of DMK. We reiterate our demand for a secret ballot: MK Stalin

Feb 18, 1:32 PM: Tamil Nadu assembly adjourned till 3 PM

Feb 18, 1:30 PM: Earlier visuals of broken tables and torn pieces of paper near Speaker’s chair

Feb 18, 1:28 PM: DMK MLAs to sit on dharna inside Tamil Nadu assembly premises.

Feb 18, 1:25 PM: DMK MLAs protest in assembly demanding secret ballot, tear and throw paper

Feb 18, 1:20 PM: Tamil Nadu assembly Speaker P Dhanapal orders assembly police to evict DMK MLAs

Feb 18, 1:18 PM: You (DMK MLAs) tore my shirt & insulted me, I am doing my work abiding law: Tamil Nadu assembly Speaker P Dhanapal

Feb 18, 1:18 PM: DMK MLAs scuffle with TN Assembly speaker, protesting DMK MLA Ku Ka Selvam sat on speaker chair

Feb 18, 1:11 PM: DMK protest in TN assembly earlier today, MLAs snatch Speaker’s mic and throw paper

Feb 18, 1: 04 PM: Tamil Nadu Assembly proceedings begin again

Feb 18, 11: 47 PM: Its unfortunate that such incidents took place in TN assembly, whatever speaker decides should be accepted by all, says Kapil Sibal

Feb 18, 12: 45 PM: An injured official being taken to hospital following massive ruckus in the assembly

Feb 18, 12: 39 PM: Assembly proceedings have been temporarily halted following huge uproar. An ambulance has been brought in

Feb 18, 12: 37 PM: Meeting underway between CM Palanisami and senior ministers

Feb 18, 12: 28 PM: DMK is a violent and anti-national party, says Subramanian Swamy

Feb 18, 12: 18 PM: Ku Ka Selvam DMK MLA sat on Speaker’s chair in protest

Feb 18, 12: 17 PM: Tamil Nadu assembly has been adjourned till 1 pm after uproar

Feb 18, 12: 16 PM: Police move towards Assembly premises after huge uproar inside by DMK and other parties demanding secret ballot

Feb 18, 12: 13 PM: DMK protest in assembly: Table in front of Speaker’s chair has been broken, . Microphones being thrown

Feb 18, 12:10 PM: DMK MLAs tear paper, throw chairs in assembly demanding secret ballot

Feb 18, 12:09 PM: DMK MLA Poongothai Aladi Aruna climbs on bench and raises slogans demanding secret ballot

Feb 18, 12: 07 PM: DMK MLAs gherao Assembly Speaker Dhanapal, demanding secret ballot

Feb 18, 12: 05 PM: MLAs should be given time to meet people and know their views: R Natarajan AIADMK MLA(OPS camp)

Feb 18, 12: 00 PM: Uproar again in Tamil Nadu assembly.

Feb 18, 11: 59 PM: Indian Union Muslim League too demands secret ballot voting in Tamil Nadu assembly.

Feb 18, 11: 57 PM: Audio speaker kept in Tamil Nadu assembly press room (allocated for accredited reporters and cameraman) has been disconnected.

Feb 18, 11: 51 PM: Nobody can interfere in my decision on how to vote, says Tamil Nadu assembly Speaker P Dhanapal

Feb 18, 11:50 PM: Congress demands to go for a secret ballot

Feb 18, 11: 44 PM: MLAs should be given time to hear the views of their constituency people, till then time should be given, says O Panneerselvam

Feb 18, 11: 42 PM: I urge to go for a secret ballot, says O Panneerselvam

Feb 18, 11:41 PM: P. Dhanapal TN Assembly Speaker rejects request of DMK asking to postpone floor test to another day

Feb 18, 11: 40 PM: People’s voice should be heard and then only the floor test should be done in the assembly, says O Panneerselvam

Feb 18, 11:39 PM: Everyone knows that MLAs were kept in koovathur, says O Panneerselvam

Feb 18, 11: 35 PM: Democracy will be fullfilled, only when secret ballot voting is done, says MK Stalin

Feb 18, 11: 33 PM: Floor test should be done on another day. Why the hurry when the Governor has given 15 days time?

Feb 18, 11: 26 AM: First block of votes in EPS’ favour

Feb 18, 11: 25 AM: All doors shut in Tamil Nadu assembly premises

Feb 18, 11: 21 AM: Speaker rejects secret ballot

Feb 18, 11:21 AM: I assure that the MLAs will be given adequate security: P. Dhanapal, Assembly Speaker

Feb 18, 11: 20 AM: AIADMK MLAs (O Panneerselvam Camp)raise slogans in assembly demanding a secret ballot

Feb 18, 11: 14 AM: Police refuses media entry into Tamil Nadu assembly premises, argument breaks out between media persons and Police

Feb 18, 11:13 AM : AIADMK Presidium Chairman Madhusudanan(OPS camp) appointed S Semmalai as chief whip in assembly

Feb 18, 11:10 AM : AIADMK MLAs (Palaniswami supporters ) raise slogans against DMK in assembly

Feb 18, 11:08 AM: MLAs are being brought to the Secretariat like prisoners, says MK Stalin

Feb 18, 11:06 AM: DMK raise slogans in Tamil Nadu assembly supporting O Panneerselvam

Feb 18, 11:02 AM : CM Palaniswami moves motion for the vote of confidence in TN assembly

Feb 18, 10:45 AM: DMK Working President MK Stalin walked to the Tamil Nadu assembly in protest alleging his car was searched at the entrance.

Feb 18, 10: 29 AM: Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi K Palaniswami paid tribute to labour leader Singaravelar on 158th birth anniversary.

Feb 18, 10:03 AM: Congress MLAs reach Tamil Nadu assembly ahead of the floor test. Congress to vote against the confidence motion in Tamil Nadu assembly’s special session.

Feb 18, 9:50 AM: DMK working President MK Stalin has reached state assembly to attend special session for floor test.

Feb 18, 9:44 AM: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami reaches Secretariat for floor test.

Feb 18, 9:30 AM: Former Tamil Nadu Minister & OPS supporter M Pandiarajan said, ‘we don’t think we are in single digit. We believe 135 people should vote for us.’

Feb 18, 8:22 AM: AIADMK party MLAs leave Kuvathur’s Golden Bay resort, to attend special session of the Tamil Nadu Assembly for floor test.

Feb 18, 8:17 AM: Crucial floor test in the special session of Tamil Nadu Assembly to take place today to decide the fate of CM Edappadi K Palaniswami.

Feb 17, 7: 20 PM: VK Sasikala has been asked to reply by 28 February 2017: Election Commission

Feb 17, 7: 19 PM: Issued a notice to VK Sasikala on a petition filed by Dr. V Maitreyan, challenging her nomination as general secretary of AIADMK, says election commission

Feb 17, 6:50 PM: If he(TN CM) seeks vote of confidence tomorrow,we will oppose him in the assembly. Our 89 MLAs will vote against him, says MK Stalin

Feb 17, 6: 47 PM: People from all walks of life have been badly affected due to political crisis in Tamil Nadu, says DMK

Feb 17, 2:36 PM: O Panneerselvam team members meet Assembly Speaker P Dhanapal; urge him to have secret ballot for confidence vote.

Feb 17 12:29 PM: E Madhusudanan also removes V K Sasikala’s nephew TTV Dinakaran and  S Venkatesh from their respective party posts

Feb 17 12:27 PM: AIADMK Presidium Chairman E Madhusudanan removes VK Sasikala from primary membership of the party

Feb 17 10:45 AM:  I have no plans to visit Bengaluru, Tamil Nadu CM Palaniswami tells ANI contradicting earlier reports. Instead, he will go to the Kuvathur resort where AIADMK MLAs have been camping.

Feb 17  10:30 AM: Panneerselvam may launch a state-wide campaign to bank on perceived anger against the new chief minister. OPS was popular in his short stint as CM.