Ravindra Gaikwad's slipper attack isn't a one off incident, our politicians have a thing for crazy props and antics

It is alleged that Indian politicians misuse their power and escape from the eyes of law. Amidst all of this, here're a few crazy things our politicians did

In a surprising incident, a Shiv Sena MP today thrashed an Air India flight attendant with his slipper during an argument over a business class seat. After the incident, Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad, unrepentant, later bragged, “The Air India staff was arrogant. I hit him 25 times with my sandal.” When the lawmaker’s flight from Pune landed in Delhi around 10:30 am this morning, he refused to get off the plane for nearly an hour.

Gaikwad said that he was upset with the airlines as he had complained to the management a few times that he is always forced to travel economy despite carrying an open business class ticket. Today, the politician reportedly refused to accept the airline’s explanation that there were only economy seats on the flight.

The incident has once again sparked a fresh row over how Indian politicians misuse their power and escape from the eyes of the law. Amidst all of this, here’re a few crazy things our politicians did:

2014 Parliament pepper-spray incident

This incident still remains as one of the worst days in Indian Parliament history, where MPs used pepper spray, broken glass, and stationery items to hurt each other.

The protest against the controversial Telangana Bill turned ugly the moment Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde tabled the bill in the Lok Sabha session. Industrialist and suspended Congress MP L Rajagopal, from Vijayawada, sprayed pepper spray in the House causing burning sensations to several MPs and many started coughing and sneezing.

Video courtesy: Zee News

Going shirtless!

In 2014, Uttar Pradesh assembly started its session on an uproarious and embarrassing note, when legislators protesting delay of payments to cane farmers took off their shirts.

The MLAs took off their kurtas soon after governor BL Joshi arrived to address a joint sitting of both Houses of the assembly, leaving women legislators red faced. The stunned women MLAs had to cover their faces with scarves and sheets of paper and later decided to register their protest with the speaker.

Video courtesy: Akansha Agarwal

Porn in parliament

Shocked? It happened in real. Our Indian politicians can’t even wait to get in privacy to watch porn! Salute to the guts of the leaders like Laxman Savadi and CC Patil who were caught watching porn during the session.

Video courtesy: MrBadaMaza

The ‘sex scandal’ of ND Tiwari

A very senior Indian politiian, ND Tiwari was caught with three call girls in 2009. And guess what, what’s more, shameful was the fact that he was caught at the official residence, the Raj Bhavan and that too while serving as the Governor!

Hurling abuses in Parliament

Use of foul language is also a common sight in our Parliament and assemblies. The leaders lose their cool so much that they are often seen hurling abuses at each other, that too in front of the speaker and other Indian politicians!

Video courtesy: The fearsome Indian