Rajnath Singh to take over as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister: Report

The BJP has reportedly chosen Rajnath Singh as the new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Home Ministry is likely to go to Arun jaitley

The Bharatiya Janata Party parliamentary board who held a meeting on March has reportedly named Home Minister Rajnath Singh as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The BJP parliamentary party meeting was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It was only a few days ago that Rajnath Singh had refuted claims of being UP Cheif minister while terming the speculations as “futile”. According to sources close to Financial Express, Rajanath Singh has turned out to party’s choice for the post of UP CM. The report in FE further stated that other leaders who were the front-runners for the post, were Deepak Sharma and Siddharth Nath Singh.

It is also being reported that Finance Ministery Arun Jaitley who is also in charge of the defence ministry will also take over Home Ministry currently led by Rajnath Singh. Piyush Goel might also take over Finance Ministry currently headed by Arun Jaitley. If at all, BJP names Rajnath Singh as the UP CM, it will be the second time that Rajnath Singh will take charge of Uttar Pradesh. It was also reported that BJP chief Keshav Prasad Maurya and firebrand MP Yogi Adityanath were also being considered for the coveted post.

The development comes days after BJP and its allies registered a historic win in the assembly elections with securing 325 seats in the 403 constituencies. BJP is all set to make a comeback in the state after 15 long years.