Rahul Gandhi tells people 'Daro Mat', Twitter asks him to start a 'comedy show'

Twitter is a mean place. Rahul Gandhi just got trolled mercilessly soon after he told people, "Daro mat".

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on January 11 became the butt of jokes after he told the people of the country, “Daro Mat” (Don’t be scared). Rahul Gandhi asserted that the philosophy of the Congress party was “Daro Mat”. He urged people to be fearless and stand for the truth.

Speaking abut the story behind the “Daro mat” slogan, Gandhi said, “I found Congress’s symbol near the idol of Shiv, Gurunanak, Buddha and Mahavir’s pictures. I asked Karan Singh ji the meaning of the symbol. To which, he responded saying it means, Daro mat,” Gandhi said.

And as we are aware, Twitter is a mean place. Twitter trolled him mercilessly for his “Daro Mat” statement. Veteran actor Anupam Kher too, took to Twitter to mock his comment.

These are savage AF!