Rahul Gandhi finally makes an appearance after UP loss, says three out of five is not bad

Rahul Gandhi has finally made an appearance after the BJP's win in UP and Uttarakhand after assembly election results were announced

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who disappeared out soon after the assembly elections were announced, has finally made an appearance after three days of results asserting that the party accepts defeat and that you do have ups and down in polls.

While speaking to the media, Rahul Gandhi asserted that they were in the Opposition and that they were against BJP’s ideology. Speaking about the current situation in the state of Manipur and Goa, Rahul Gandhi said that it is exactly against this ideology that the party was fighting for. He further asserted that they did need to make some organisational changes within the Congress party.

“Our fight is against BJP’s ideology, what they did in Manipur & Goa is exactly the ideology we are fighting against. We are in opposition, you have ups and downs and we had a little down in UP; we accept it,” Rahul Gandhi told the media.

This comes days after BJP registered a historic win in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Additionally, despite winning more seats, BJP is all set to form a government in Goa and Manipur which threw a hung Assembly. In Goa, the Supreme Court has refused to stay Manohar Parrikar’ swearing in and asked BJP to proved majority within 2 days assuming office as the chief minister of Goa.