Prashant Bhushan apologises for his tweet on anti-Romeo squads and Lord Krishna, says it was 'inappropriately phrased'

Earlier, Bhushan in a tweet termed Lord Krishna as an eve teaser

Days after insulting Lord Krishna by calling him an eve teaser through his official, Supreme Court advocate Prashant Bhushan has apologised for his tweet and stated that it was inappropriately phrased. He took to his twitter account and wrote,”I realise that my tweet on Romeo squads&Krishna was inappropriately phrased&unintentionally hurt sentiments of many ppl. Apologize&delete it.

After writing this apology post, Bhushan deleted his previous tweet in which he had written,”Romeo loved just one lady,while Krishna was a legendary Eve teaser.Would Adityanath have the guts to call his vigilantes AntiKrishna squads?”

Somehow Bhushan communalised the entire issue by dragging an Indian God into it.

Bhushan wrote his previous tweet in response Swaraj India’s Chief Spokesperson Anupam’s tweet on April 1.

Anupam, on his twitter account, wrote, “Anti Romeo Squad: India’s tribute to Shakespeare! Won’t b surprised if England, to fight eveteasing, forms Anti Krishn Squad in retaliation!”

‘Roadside Romeo’ is the common term used for the eve teasers. And to put a check on the increasing eve teasing in Uttar Pradesh, the newly elected CM from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Yogi Adityanath, deployed a grpup of cops cross the districts of UP. The ‘ant-Romeo Squad’ has been programmed to curb such eve teasers and ensure the safety of women in the state.