PM Narendra Modi mocks Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha, calls note ban a right decision at right time

PM Modi took a dig on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi by refering to last night's earthquake tremors felt across Delhi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 7 addressed the lower house of the Parliament, Lok Sabha, during the ongoing Budget session, and in his marathon speech he attacked the opposition over range of issues including surgical strikes, demonetisation and several others.

Amid uproar from the opposition parties, including the Congress, PM Modi started his address by attacking Rahul Gandhi. PM took a jibe at Rahul’s ‘earthquake’ remark and said: “Kal bhukamp aaya, kendra sarkar Rajya Sarkar ke sampark me hai. Bhukamp aa hi gaya, koi to kaaran hoga, dharti maa rooth gayi hongi (The earthquake came last night and the centre is in touch with the state government. There has to be some reason for this tremors)”

Earlier in December 2016, Rahul Gandhi while attacking PM Modi for his demonetisation move, promised that if he would allowed to speak on the issue in the Parliament then an ‘earthquake’ will come.

Following are the highlights of his speech:

  • Kal bhukamp aaya, kendra sarkar Rajya Sarkar ke sampark me hai
  • Bhukamp aa hi gaya, koi to kaaran hoga, dharti maa rooth gayi hongi
  • Aakhir bhukamp aaya kyun,jab koi SCAM mein bhi seva,namrata ka bhaav dekhta hai to dharti maa bhi dukhi ho jaati hai aur bhukamp aata hai
  • Mai aahvahan karta hu ki hum apni janshakti ko pehchaane, desh ko aagey badhane ki disha mein kaam karein

  • Somewhere on the way, ‘Jan Shakti’ was forgotten; We don’t accept this
  • Inkey mooh se sunne ko nahi mila hai ki koi Bhagat Singh, Azad bhi they; inko lagta hai ki aazadi sirf ek pariwaar ne dilayi hai
  • Let us understand & appreciate the inherent strength of our people & take India to newer heights; Faith in Jan Shakti will give results
  • I had said it from the Red Fort- every Prime Minister has contributed to the nation
  • I was surprised that there were some who made cleanliness also a political issue. Why can’t we work together on ushering a Swachh Bharat?
  • When Rail budget was first presented, transport sector was different;Now things are different& a more comprehensive look is needed
  • Kisi ko to zimma lena padega ki jo chize gala ho gayi hain unko dekhe. Hum iss disha mein aagey badh rahe hain
  • Pehle din se sarkar keh rahi hai ki charcha ke liye taiyaar hain, aapne socha charcha hui to Modi fayda utha le jayega
  • We were ready for discussion, but instead of discussion you(opposition) were more concerned about giving TV bytes
  • Pehle hota tha – kitna gaya? Ab hota hai – Modiji kitna layein? this is how discourse has changed after we have assumed office
  • It does not matter how big you are, you will have to give back what belongs to the poor; My fight is for the poor
  • Desh mein ek aisa varg panpaa jo gareebo ke haq ko loot-ta raha, isiliye desh unchaaiyon par nahi pahunch paya
  • Humey Chunaav ki chinta nahi hai desh ki chinta hai

  • For demonetisation, good economy was needed & hence, this was a proper time
  • When can you have an operation? When body is healthy;Economy was doing well & thus our decision was taken at right time
  • Like Swachh Bharat, the decision on demonetisation is a movement to clean India (from corruption and black money)
  • Jab hum kahe Rs2lakh se upar ka jewellery khareedne par PAN dikhana padega, bahut logon ne mujhe letters bheje isko raddh karwane ke liye
  • Apne seene par haath rakh kar puchhiye, surgical strike se 24 ghante pehle Raj Netaon ne kaise kaise byaan diye
  • Surgical Strike was a big decision but none is questioning about it like they do about demonetisation
  • The union budget is benefiting 96% of the total population
  • Apne seene par haath rakh kar puchhiye, surgical strike se 24 ghante pehle Raj Netaon ne kaise kaise byaan diye lekin desh ka mijaaz dekh kar unhe apni bhaasha badalni padhi
  • Humari desh ki sena ka hum jitna gungaan karein, utna kum hai; humari sena is rashtriya ki raksha ke liye purn roop se capable hain
  • Many statements were made by pol leaders 24hrs before surgical strike but their language changed after looking at nation’s mood