Pay Rs 10 lakh as compensation to man used as 'human shield', says Human Rights panel to J&K government

On April 9, Farooq Ahman Dar was tied to the bonnet of an army jeep in Budgam.

The Jammu and Kashmir Human Rights Commission has asked the state government to give Rs 10 lakh as compensation to the Kashmiri man who was used as a human shield. On April 9,  Farooq Ahman Dar was tied to the bonnet of an army jeep in Budgam. As per the Army, it was done to control an unruly mob. It was done to stop stone pelters from attacking polling officers.  Later Major

Later Major Metul Gogoi was awarded for showing the presence of mind by using a person as a human shield. According to a report in Kashmir Monitor, the commission chief  Bilal Nazki said that he had no authority to probe the Army.

The ruling government found themselves at the end of a barrage of criticism after a video of a man tied to a jeep used as human shield in the violent-hit Jammu and Kashmir went viral on social media.  The video that went viral on social media had reportedly been shot in Beerwah area of Budgam district where miscreants allegedly disrupted voting during Sunday’s by poll to Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency by pelting stones. The man tied to the Jeep was identified as Farooq Ahmad Dar.

Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi who had ordered the man to be tied to the jeep defended himself by saying that the act saved lives.  “I have not fired a bullet, not beaten up anyone… there was no collateral damage. From my point of view I have not violated anything. We are here to help the people. The Army is here for common people, against those with weapons and those who fight against nation,” he told the media.

The army ordered an inquiry after the incident sparked a major debate over the ways that the army was resorting to in the valley. An FIR was also lodged against the army in connection with the incident.