Ordinance seeking conduct of Jallikattu may get President's nod soon: AIADMK MP

Issue of Jallikattu was in the concurrent list & therefore late Amma stressed the need to solve it but Centre omitted our request.

In order to lift the ban and re-conduct the bull-taming sport, Jallikattu, in Tamil Nadu, Members of Parliament from the ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) met President Pranab Mukherjee and they hope that the ordinance will be passed soon.

In a press conference held after the meet, AIADMK MP M Thambidurai said that they believe that the ordinance will be passed by today evening. He said,”We strongly believe by today evening the ordinance on Jallikattu will come into effect.”

Thambidurai mentioned that what late CM Jayalalithaa had said on the sports. He said,”Issue of Jallikattu was in the concurrent list & therefore late Amma stressed the need to solve it but Centre omitted our request.”

Targeting their state opponents, DMK, Thambidurai described how this issue couldn’t rise up in time and has been stretched to this point of time. He said,”DMK was in power for a long time, why didn’t they take this matter up? They’ve failed in this, which is why we’re at this juncture.”

“In the last 1 year, our MPs came a number of times to seek appointment of PM but couldn’t get one, it is indeed very disappointing,” he added.

Earlier on January 20, an ordinance was moved forward from the TN government, to legalise Jallikattu, towards the Centre. Union Law Minister Ravishankar Prasad has approved the order on Jallikattu paving way to end the ongoing agitation in Tamil Nadu, Also, the Ministry of Environment has approved the ordinance and has it been sent to the President of India for his assent.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “We are very proud of the rich culture of Tamil Nadu. All efforts are being made to fulfill the cultural aspirations of Tamil people.”

However, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Animal Welfare Board of India stalled the order and got a stay order from the Supreme Court.

On the other hand, there are people who are suffering because of this protest as several trains have been cancelled or diverted to other routes. The passengers are stranded at the railway stations due to cancellation of trains.

The continuous protest for the sport has entered into the 5th day and still, thousands of people are still protesting at the Marina Beach in Chennai. The youth of the state is holding a silent protest to bring their traditional sport back.