'No Mitron in Modi speech, PM has unfriended the Nation', Twitter lols :D

While economic and political experts are bulldozing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech for not answering all the questions on demonetisation, Twitter seems to have a different worry altogether. They are mighty worried about the fact that the Prime Minister didn’t use his pet word ‘Mitron’ even for once during his 45-minute address. The word Mitron has become the butt of all jokes ever since the Prime Minister used the word in his demonetisation speech on November 8. Since then from stand-up comics to political satirists to journalists and Opposition leaders, Mitron has become synonymous with any ominous announcement the Prime Minister would make, for the PM’s detractors.

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In fact, a drinking game was going viral ever since PM announced that he would be addressing the nation on New Year’s eve. Social, a eating and drinking outlet even announced that it would serve alcohol for Rs 31 every time the Prime Minister uttered the word Mitron. Many on Twitter opined that the PM had launched a “surgical strike” on such attempts at banking on the Prime Minister’s favourite to address his country-men and thus his speech-writer altogether skipped the word.

Whatever may be the reason, the development has left Tweeples quite dissatisfied. This has led to serious chatter on Twitter. Although the PM didn’t use the word even once, it still is winning the internet. Here are some of the funniest Mitron tweets and jokes.

Didn’t use “Mitron” even once?