Moments after Rahul Gandhi-Narendra Modi meeting, blame game begins

The much awaited moment finally arrived as Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi met Prime Minister Narendra Modi this Friday. After much hullabaloo created over demonetising of  500 and 1000 rupee notes over the past month, the two parties sat down to discuss their concerns on the same.

Gandhi expressed his disappointment over Narendra Modi being insensitive to the plight of farmers affected by demonetisation. He also criticised removal of the import duty on wheat. Labelling this as a ‘devastating blow’, he highlighted the issue of increasing farmer suicides in the country.

Earlier this week, Gandhi was laughed at for making the claim of throwing a ‘bomb’ that was to expose the corrupt activities undertaken by the government, specifically Modi.

On the other hand, Prime Minister professes the ‘self-centred’ opposition of trying to bulldoze the centre’s fight against corruption. He also claimed that the centre has been effective in eradicating black money. He also claims that the resentment arose because of the opposition’s cash reserves being hit.

The Opposition leaders also met President Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhawan this afternoon. Led by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi they raised concerns over the ill effects of the demonetisation move. Addressing the media, Congress’ Malikarjun Kharge requested a positive discussion on the problems being faced by farmers and small-scale traders from the President. He also cited centre’s inability to run the parliamentary procedures.

For what was being advertised as a stand to unite against corruption has eventually become a fresh blame game. This has led to recurrent unnecessary deferment of the winter session in both the houses of the parliament. Speculations surround that senior BJP leader is considering to resign from the lower house of the parliament expressing disappointment over the same.