'Mai chhota hoon, par mere karm bade hai', says Jayant Dandekar, BMC's shortest candidate

An exclusive interview with MNS's shortest candidate for BMC elections 2017, Jayant Dandekar

The Marathi phrase: murti lahan pan kirti mahaan which translates to ‘The stature might not be big but the fame is beyond comparison’ fits aptly for Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) candidate for BMC polls Jayant Dandekar (53) contesting from ward no. 118 Kannamwar Nagar, Vikroli who stands merely three-feet high.

BMC Elections 2017 are round the corner and campaign rallies are turning interesting with each passing day. MNS possesses a strong hold in Vikroli and both the party and Dandekar are confident that he will continue their legacy in Kannamwar Nagar. InUth caught up with Jayant who shot to fame after news dubbing him as ‘shortest candidate from Mumbai’ emerged.


InUth: You shot to fame for your height, do you think this will help you in winning the elections?

JD: I am smallest MNS worker who got fame after news came in media, dubbing me as ‘shortest man to contest’ but locals only talk about my work. They are supporting me because my work has no limits. Ekach dhyaas Kannamwar Nagar cha vikas: My only motive is the progress of Kannamwar Nagar.

InUth: What were the people’s reactions when they found out that you are contesting in the elections?

JD: This was not at all surprising for them. I have been working here for last 20-22 years. I’ve solved the problems of hospital development, education, water facilities, gardens and redevelopment of this locality. So, only people from outside this area are amazed to hear that a three-feet man will stand in the elections.

InUth: What is your agenda for the elections?

JD: Foremost is the redevelopment of Kannamwar Nagar and Tagore Nagar. Many buildings in the area are in dire need of renovation. There are complications in government works when it comes to housing. So, I want to provide basic facilities to the people. I’ve already sat with the MNS Corporator and want to take this agenda forward.

InUth: With a visually challenged candidate and a dwarf candidate for BMC elections, isn’t it a political trick by MNS to grab people’s attention?

JD: We might be limited visually or physically limited but our work profile is strong. Our will power to work for people is beyond expectations. Our weakness is our greatest strength. Vince cannot see but his work is visible. More than elections, we have already won the hearts of people and they will decide what they want on the judgement day of polls.