Update Narendra Modi interview on 50th day of demonetisation; PM says hoaders have few days to hide

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to appear for his exclusive interview to a private news channel as the 50 days promise nears end.

Months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its first interview to private news channel after assuming office in 2014, the Prime Minister is all set to appear again on a private English news channel 50 days after announcing his decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

The Prime Minister had appealed to the people across the nation to bear the pain caused due to demonetisation for 50 days urging them to “punish” him if he fails to bring change. It would be interesting to see what the Prime Minister has to say during the interview with India Today after completion of 50 days with the cash chaos remaining intact even now.

Here’s what the Prime Minister said during the interview:

-When asked about the outcome of the demonetisation, Prime Minister said:

“Black money has been forced out in the open, whomsoever it may belong to, whether it is corrupt politicians or bureaucrats, businessman or professionals. Cash held by terrorists, maoists and other extremists have been neutralised. There has been crippling impact on dangerous and highly damaging illegal activities such as human trafficking and narcotics trade.”

-On 8 November Prime Minister Narendra Modi on stunned the nation by announcing that the existing Rs 500 and 1,000 currency notes will be scrapped from the midnight.

“There is a need for a decisive war against the menace of corruption, black money and terrorism… Corruption, black money and terrorism are festering wounds which make the country hollow from within,” Modi had said in a televised address to the nation.

-Amidst relentless attack by the opposition over its demonetisation move, the Narendra Modi government rolled out several measures, seen as a bid to ease common man’s woes due to the prevailing cash crunch.

-Proud of his move, Modi hailed the demonetisation thanking the people across the ountry who came out to support the move.

“Earlier people used to say money, money, money now all they are saying is Modi Modi Modi.”

-He urged people to email any tipoff about black money to him. “Will the corruption go away on its own? If a person is fighting against corruption is that person a criminal? I am not answerable to a high command. I am answerable to you.”

“People should send any information they have about black money holders to blackmoneyinfo@incometax.gov.in.”

While opposition staged a massive protest while uniting to lash out at the Prime Minister over the move, Prime Minister did not rollback decision and urged the people cashless while promoting digital economy. As the 50 days promise nears end Prime Minister thanked everyone who came out in support of the move.