'Khat Pe Charcha' turns out to be extra kharcha for Rahul Gandhi

The locals in Deoria district left Rahul's rally with newly bought khats

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi began his Uttar Pradesh tour accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he had forgotten the farmers after coming to power.

Little did the 46-year-old know that he himself would want to forget his first leg of “Khat pe charcha” at Deoria district, after what transpired.

The locals present at the rally, raided the tent that was stocked up with eatables and water bottles and were seeing leaving with “khats” (cots) immediately after he concluded his speech, reported NDTV.

Gandhi, who has planned such sessions during his campaign in Uttar Pradesh, has promised debt exemption for farmers and reduction in power tariff by 50 per cent if his party comes to power in the coming state elections, scheduled early next year.

After today’s incident, it seems that the farmers can’t wait till next year and are willing to make the most of such occasions.

While the locals would get a good night’s sleep on their newly ‘acquired’ khats, for Gandhi, we hope that the remainder of his 2,500 km-long marathon yatra, doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare.