JD(U) releases photo of Tejashwi Yadav with a girl to shame him, Twitter comes out in his support

JD(U) on Friday released a photograph of Tejashwi Yadav with a girl and tried to create a controversy out of it

A war of words erupted between Janata Dal United and Rashtriya Janata Dal after Bihar’s ruling party released a photograph of former Bihar deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yada along with an unidentified woman and a bottle of liquor in the backdrop.

In a press conference in Patna, Janata Dal united Sanjay Singh released the photograph which was already on social media,  alleging that all the former deputy chief minister does is getting involved in “rangreliyaan” and “aish-mauj“.

“It is very clear from the picture that Tejashwi only believed in doing aish-mauj and he is indulging in doing “rangreliyaan” with his female partner. I want to ask Lalu is this the values of his family? First Lalu should look into his own house and then question others,” the JDU Spokesperson said in a stinging remark.

Intensifying the attack on the young leader, Neeraj Kumar, another JD(U) spokesperson, said: “When Tejashwi goes to Delhi then he gets various facilities based on the protocol for the leader of opposition in Bihar Legislative Assembly, but why doesn’t he stay at Bihar Bhawan? He should tell where he stays in Delhi.”

Responding to the allegation, Tejashwi Yadav said that the photograph was taken somewhere in 2010 when he used to play cricket. It was taken in one of the IPL’s post-match parties and he did not know the girls personally.


Taking to Twitter, the 27 year old said,” In 2010 as a Cricketer & son of @laluprasadrjd ji fans used to ask for pics. Probably this pic got clicked in any “after match party” during IPL 2010. Now Bihar CM Nitish Kumar wants to assassinate my character & finish me off politically using this pic. Hahahaha..God bless him”

The latest attack by JD(U) marks a new low in politics of Bihar, as the state’s ruling party tried to settle a political score by getting into the personal life of a rival politician. Also, it is quite baffling, how a photograph of a man with a skimpy dressed woman could be used assassinate his character.

However, Twitter came out in support of Tejashwi and slammed the ‘low’ tactics of the state’s ruling party.