Jallikattu row: Police evacuating Chennai's Marina beach as protest continues for day 7

The Tamil Nadu police, on January 23 morning, tried to move the protesters out of the Marin Beach and occupy the area.

A day after the bull-taming sport Jallikattu was announced with the permission of Governor in Tamil Nadu, the protesters gathered at Chennai’s Marina Beach and denied to call off their protest as they demanded a permanent solution to this issue and not a temporary one. The Tamil Nadu police, on January 23 morning, tried to move the protesters out of the Marin Beach and occupy the area stating that “their purpose has been fully achieved” since the state government promulgated an ordinance on January 21.

In a press release on Monday, the police said that the protest going on at the Marina Beach in a silent manner and is not affecting the general public and not hindering the traffic. They also added that the people are agitating in a silent way and cooperating with police to maintain the law and order.

“It’s wrong that ordinance will dissolve after 6 months, but the fact is that after the introduction of the ordinance, it will be introduced in assembly. It will be introduced and regularised, now itself the law is an act. The ordinance is for Jallikattu’s permanent solution. SC stayed Jallikattu so lawmakers got the ordinance.Bull removed from exhibition animal list account to ordinance so no stay for Jallikattu,” said Police in the release.

The protesters got a copy of the ordinance around 6 am, and a lawyer read it out and the police asked the protesters lo leave the area peacefully.

By 6:30 am, the police had started forcing the people to vacate the area. While the protesters demanded more time to leave. A few protesters left willingly while others stayed put. Some of the protesters threatened the police, saying they will commit suicide if they were removed forcefully while a few ran towards the sea front while police chased them.

Soon enough the police moved in and started removing the protesters from the beach forcefully which resulted in a heated clash. Meanwhile, all the routes to Marina Beach were blocked and police put barricades to prevent people from gathering over there.

People from nearby slums and fishermen are reportedly approaching the Marina Beach to support the protesters. Meanwhile, special Assembly session will begin today in Tamil Nadu in which the bill to legalise the sport will be tabled.

On January 22, more than 100 bulls and 500 bull tamers participated in the Jallikattu event that was organized in Pudupatti village in Manaparai’s, Tamil Nadu.

In the morning Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, O. Panneerselvam faced protests when he went to inaugurate Jallikattu event in Alanganallur. Protesters there demanded a permanent solution for conducting a Jallikattu event in the state, therefore, not allowing Tamil Nadu CM to inaugurate.

Protesters waved red flags at the state event held for Jallikattu.

While Two people who were taking part in the controversial bull-taming sport, Jallikattu were killed and over 80 were left injured in one of the events held in the state of Tamil Nadu on January 22.

It has been a week since thousands of people have gathered at the Marina beach in Chennai demanding lift on Supreme Court’s ban on the famous bull taming sport. Protesters believe that it is a part of their culture.