Govt aims at improving quality of life of poor people: PM Modi

PM Modi addressed BJP's National Executive meet and said that the demonetisation drive will yield good results in the long run.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 9 addressed the two-day National Executive meet of the BJP. Asserting that the government was working towards improving the quality of the life of the poor and the unpriviledged, PM Modi said that the demonetisation drive was a long-term measure to fight the black money menace.

Speaking about corruption, PM Modi said that although the lack of currency flow in the economy might be a hindrance but the ultimate goal was to serve the people of the society.

BJP spokesperson told the media that the Prime Minister had affirmed that there should be transparency in the political funding. He further informed that the Prime Minister had thanked the people who had come out to support demonetisation.

The Prime Minister also went on to list the advantages of the demonetisation drive and how it would be bring great results in the coming future.

Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi’s 50-day deadline for bringing stability after he announced the decision of scrapping higher denomination currency note. He has hailed and defended the move saying the pain will be short lived and the move will have a positive impact on the country’s economy in the long run.

The Prime Minister had appealed to the people across the nation to bear the pain caused due to demonetisation for 50 days urging them to “punish” him if he fails to bring change.

Amidst relentless attack by the opposition over its demonetisation move, the Narendra Modi government rolled out several measures, seen as a bid to ease common man’s woes due to the prevailing cash crunch.

While opposition staged a massive protest while uniting to lash out at the Prime Minister over the move, Prime Minister did not rollback decision and urged the people cashless while promoting digital economy.