Fact check: More young Muslim women aren't getting married

The number of unmarried Muslim women in India between the ages of 20 and 39 are increasing at a faster rate than unmarried women in other religious groups, an Indian Express report has noted.

According to 2011 Census figures, about 12.87 per cent of 2.1 crore Muslim women in the age group 20-39 were unmarried. The report also pointed out how more number of Muslim women in the same age group were preferring to not have children. The number of Muslim women without children saw a 39 percent rise from 2001 to 2011, a figure that was only beaten by women in Buddhist community.

The jump in Hindu women without children over the same ten year period was 29.5 per cent.
Surveys in the past have shown that women bearing children at a younger age don’t have as good a shot at financial success, that is seen contributing toward women empowerment.

The trends among Muslim women are indicative of gender equality making gradual headway in the community often accused of keeping their women oppressed.

Just last week, a court order held ‘triple talaaq’ as unconstitutional. The Allahabad High Court bench was searing in its criticism of the marital practice, which involves saying the word ‘talaaq’ thrice by a husband should he want to divorce is wife, all without consent of the female.

Observers believe it is encouraging to see more Muslim women at workplace.

“The trend may not be so obvious in rural areas but urban Muslims, as they become empowered, are taking time to plan their families, the article quoted, Rubina Feroz, a member of a Muslim professional body as saying.

“The increasing numbers of Muslim girls who are stepping out to work has also played a role in this.”