Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Number 1 among serving world leaders on Facebook

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump are both popular world leaders on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to be more popular than President Donald Trump, when it comes to the number of followers on Facebook.

According to a Socialbakers report, with over 42 million people followers on Facebook, the Indian Prime Minister is winning the world over, virtually. On the other hand, the US President has just over 22 million followers on Facebook.

Not just this, the report highlights the fact that not just Modi’s personal page, top 10 pages on Facebook include three more Indian handles associated with the Indian Prime Minister.

‘I support Narendra Modi’, a Facebook page, has over 14 million followers. While PMO India and BJP has over 13 million followers each.

PM Modi and Donald Trump are enthusiastic users of social media and have used the various platforms to broadcast their plans, vision and achievements.

Earlier in June, President Trump had described Prime Minister Narendra Modi and himself as “world leaders in social media” and had said that the social media has enabled them to hear directly from their citizens.

“I’m proud to announce to the media, to the American people and to the Indian people that Prime Minister Modi and I are world leaders in social media,” Trump had said at the White House Rose Garden, following his first bilateral meeting with Modi.

Video Courtesy: YouTube

“We’re believers. Giving the citizens of our countries the opportunity to hear directly from their elected officials and for us to hear directly from them. I guess it’s worked very well in both cases,” Trump said.

When talking about Twitter, Trump has 35.1 million followers on Twitter, Modi comes a close second with over 32 million followers.

Former US President Barack Obama was the uncontested political leader in this space until his departure. Despite him not being the president anymore, Obama reportedly has over 54 million followers on Facebook.

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