PM Modi's parivartan rally in Kanpur: Top 10 highlights

The Prime Minister addressed a rally in Kanpur just ahead of Uttar Pradesh assembly elections while attacking the opposition.

In a bid to woo the people of Uttar Pradesh just ahead of assembly elections Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed a parivartan rally in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh.

Here are the key highlights of the rally:

  1. PM Modi unleashed a scathing attack on the Congress by referring to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to prove a point. PM Modi said that it was the Congress party who claimed that Rajiv Gandhi introduced mobile phones to common people but today when the PM asked them to use it for digital payments, the opposition objected stating that the poor have no mobile. “Earlier they boasted saying that Rajiv Gandhi introduced mobile phones and laptops to common people. Today, when I am urging the common people to use their mobile phones for digital payments, the party now is objecting saying that the poor does not own a mobile phone,” PM Modi said while addressing the parivartan rally in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh.

2. PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the country’s first ever Indian Institute of Skills in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh. While addressing the rally in Kanpur, PM Modi the government was coming up with several measures to empower the young India across the nation and mainly Uttar Pradesh.

3. The Prime Minister asserted that the young Indians can contribute immensely in the growth of the country if given the right kind of exposure and facilities. The Prime Minister also slammed the opposition for stalling the parliamentary proceedings while stating that it was the first time that few people are disrupting the parliament just to support the dishonest lot.

4. PM Modi said that people are tired of hooliganism and development cannot take place until and unless the government in the state is changed. The BJP has not yet announced their Chief Ministerial candidate for Uttar Pradesh.

5. Referring to the raids conducted by the Income Tax department and the Enforcement directorate, PM Modi said that the government was using technology to track those who have stashed black money and are vigilant.

6. He said that the people did not value Rs 100 notes before demonetisation but today they are valued more than anything.

7. He further asserted that urged his party members during the all party meet that discussion on how political parties acquired funds should take place in the Parliament.

8. The Prime Minister noted that 70-72 villages out of 1600-odd villages, have got electricity and the rest will get electricity really soon.

9. The Prime Minister told the rally that the people can themselves see the corrupt as the security officials nab one every other day after demonetisation across the country.

10. The Prime Minister affirmed that the customers and the shopkeepers will be reqards on purchase and sale of commodities between Rs 50 to Rs 3000 if they used the digital mode of payment adding that traders using debit/credit cards for cash transactions will also receive rewards in a lucky draw scheme.