We conduct Surgical strike on Pakistani newspaper's deadly scoop on India

Is this a game of Chinese Whisper? Is this a drawing room conversation? No, it's a news report.

A prominent Pakistani newspaper has come out with a story quoting Indian Foreign Secretary as saying that surgical strikes on Pakistan terror hub never happened. A “highly placed source” in Pakistan government told the reporter that their embassy was briefed by German officials about a confession made by the Indian foreign secretary S Jaishankar to the German ambassador that no such surgical strike had even happened across the Line of Control.


Aren’t you reminded of Leonardo di Caprio-starrer Inception, which had layers and layers of dreams?

Now lets break the turn of event for you.

Step 1: Pakistani embassy official named Rukhsana Afzal met a German Foreign Ministry Office in Berlin.

Step 2: She raised the issue of Indian ‘atrocities’ in Jammu & Kashmir.

Step 3: Then she met German Foreign Office’s AfPak division. It was during the meeting with the department’s senior desk officer Simone Stemmler that Afzal got the ‘startling’ news.

Step 4: Stemmler told her that S Jaishankar had told the the German Ambassador to India that the surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir never happened.nawaz-sharif

Now, the question is when Germany has itself supported India on the surgical strike across LoC citing New Delhi’s right to self defence, why will a diplomat defy Berlin’s stance on the issue?

The paper’s source gave other juicy details about the strikes. Samplers:

1. If pushed to the corner the Narendra Modi government will pull out a fake video from somewhere as evidence of the strikes. (Our take: Geo politics is not social media)

2. Modi government faked the strikes to show Pakistan in bad light on the world platform and portray it as a terrorist state. (Huh! Where was Osama Bin Laden found? May be that was a fake strike too.)

3. However, this one takes the cake. The source says if India is unable to prove surgical strikes even with a fake video then Narendra Modi plans to handpick some scapegoat within the Army and blame them for the entire debacle. (Our take: Blame-game and power struggle might be a thing between the civilian government and the Army in Pakistan. That’s not how we function in India)