Pakistan is printing fake Rs 2000 notes & smuggling it to India through Bangladesh border: Report

Just two months since the demonetisation move, it is being revealed that Pakistan is reportedly printing fake Rs 2000 notes.

In a shocking revelation, it is now being reported that Pakistan has already started printing fake Rs 2000 notes and have been smuggling it to India via Bangladesh border. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Border Security Force has reportedly made a number of arrests in this regard.

According to an Indian Express report, the security officials had seized 40 notes of the new Rs 2000 notes from earlier this month from a man hailing from West Bengal. The report added that this man identified as Azizur Rahman told the officials that the notes that he was carrying were printed in Pakistan and being smuggled to India through the Bangladesh border. He further told them that the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is also involved in printing these fake notes.

Sources close to the daily revealed that the smugglers who would eventually ship the fake notes to India had to pay a Rs 400 to Rs 500 for each fake Rs 2000 note. The price also depended on the quality of the note. Not only this, but the notes were printed in such a manner that at least 11 security features were duplicated to print the fake Rs 2000 currency notes.

Starting from the water mark to the signature of the RBI governor, most of the aspects of the genuine Rs 2000 note was replicated to make it look real. However, the quality of the notes were questionable. The daily reported that the notes were first smuggled in December 2016 which was just a month after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

PM Modi sent shock waves across the country and abroad after he announced the government’s decision to scrap the higher currency denomination notes to fight the black money menace. However, since the announcement, a number of surprising cases including seizure of fake currency notes to new notes being printed without the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi came into light.