Pakistan confiscates Indian diplomat's phone in court during hearing in Uzma case

The mobile phone of an Indian diplomat was seized by the staff of Islamabad High Court. The incident took place during the hearing of case of an Indian citizen Uzma who has alleged that she was forced to marry Pakistani man

The mobile phone of the first secretary of India’s high commission was seized on Friday by the staff of Islamabad High Court. The incident took place when the Indian diplomat, who is identified as Piyush Singh, went to the court to hear the proceedings of a case of an Indian girl who alleged she was forced to marry a Pakistani man and had to go through mental and physical torture.

According to Press Trust of India (PTI) reports, 20-year-old Uzma has alleged that Tahir Ali, a Pakistani national, married her at a gun point and he also sexually abused her. Uzma took refuge at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad and said that she will not leave the premises of High Commission’s until she is sent back to India.

Meanwhile, Uzma’s husband Tahir Ali said that he has appealed Islamabad high court to not allow Uzma to leave the country until legal issues are resolved. Tahir Ali claimed that some misunderstanding has been created and he wants to meet Uzma to clear that. He said, “I have requested the High Court to arrange a meeting with Uzma in a free environment,”

On May 8, Uzma who is a resident of New Delhi filed a petition in High Court in Islamabad in which she alleged that Tahir Ali harassed and tortured her. In her statement, Uzma said she came to Pakistan to meet a relative and not to marry Tahir Ali. She has said that Tahir Ali married her at a gun point and also her took immigration papers.