Obama made a thank you call to PM Modi for his continued support: MEA

Obama and PM Modi have been on extremely cordial terms and have met frequently for over seven times during the US President's term.

The Ministery of External Affairs Minister Vikas Swarup on January 19 addressed a press conference and asserted that the outgoing United States President Barack Obama had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi to thank him for his support.

Barack Obama’s call to the Indian Prime Minister was a part of his farewell call to the leaders. Obama thanked the Prime Minister for his continued support throughout the years. The White House in a statement affirmed that Obama and Modi have been on really good terms for all these years and have enhanced US-India ties.

Vikas Swarup further said that India’s US ambassador will also be attending the inauguration event of US President-elect Donald Trump and other official events.

The Ministry of External Affairs also dismissed reports of British Parliament discussing Jammu & Kashmir saying that there was no room for any third party involvement. Speaking about NSG membership, Swarup stated that India was not seeking it as a “gift” but on their own merit.

At the final news conference of his presidency, Barack Obama made it clear that though he wants some quiet and peace, he will come out of the fray if principles are compromised by his successor. These he said include issues “where I think our core values may be at stake,” like new obstacles to voting, “institutional efforts to silence dissent or the press” and “any push to deport undocumented people who were brought to America as children”.

Obama had created history in 2008 when he was elected America’s first black president. He and his family will leave for Palm Springs, California, on Friday after the inauguration of Republican Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.