Not even 20% of engineering students in Gujarat get jobs!

Only 3,407 students from the computer science branch got job in 2015-16, whereas the total number of students who passed were 11,190

In what may come as a shocking revelation, more than 80 per cent of the engineering students in Gujarat do not get employment and the situation is grim in the colleges, which are located in the remote areas of the state.

Only 3,407 students from the Computer Science (CS) branch were placed in the year 2015-16, whereas the total number of students who graduated were 11, 190, as per the data was released by All India Council for Technical education (AICTE).

Rajul Gajjar, Director of Gujarat Technological University, said, “As far as figures given by the AICTE is concerned, it’s hard to comment on them as it only includes the figure of campus placement. Many students do not take any job after completing the course as they want to go for higher studies and there are some who get placed after some time. These figures are not added later, therefore, getting jobs and placements are entirely different aspects.”

This is not restricted to a specific branch, the situation is more or less similar in every course. As the total number of students who got placed in the year 2015-16 were 4,524 against the total number of 17, 028 students.

Reacting on the matter, some teachers said that this is due to more supply and less demand of the engineering students, whereas some said that it’s due to higher expectations of students in terms of salary.

Meanwhile, some hold government responsible for it. In a report published in Times of India, President of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) Bipin Patel said, “It’s a sad state of affairs that qualified youngsters have to live without jobs. It is the duty of the government to provide them jobs. Instead of reappointing retired government servants, it should give opportunity to 15 lakh qualified but unemployed youths.”