Not dowry or harassment, wedding called off over 'Rasgulla' in UP

Calling off a wedding over taking an extra Rasgulla is as bizarre as it can get

We live in the time when we see marriages breaking over dowry, harassment of the bride or drinking habits of the groom, but calling off a wedding over taking an extra rasgulla is as bizarre as it can get.

The marriage of Shiv Kumar, the groom, and Kamini (name changed), the bride was called off in Uttar Pradesh’s Kurmapur village in Unnao district on April 14 when a hell broke over taking an extra ‘rasgulla’ by a barati.

The stage was set, baratis reached the village, with the groom, to solemnise the marriage, everybody was enjoying to the fullest, elders were showering blessings on the couple.

Like it happens in every traditional Indian wedding, the baratis were accorded a warm welcome by the bride’s father and relatives when they arrived. Snacks, cold drinks and other drinks were served.

As the barat had reached a little late, the groom’s father requested for dinner as soon as the ‘dwaarchaar’ (ceremony at bride’s door) begin. All the baratis were requested to have the dinner.

A separate pandal was created where the buffet was planned. The baratis began to have dinner and enjoyed the finger licking food. All was going well, suddenly the pandal turned into a wrestling ring.

A heated argument happened between a close relative of the bride and a cousin of the groom Manoj. He served two rasgullas, much to the annoyance of a close relative of the bride, who was managing the sweet stall. He was instructed to serve only one rasgulla to each barati. The infuriated relative objected to Manoj taking two rasgullas.

Arguments turned into scuffle and soon more baratis joined Manoj and thrashed up the bride’s relative. The venue soon turned into a boxing ring. Food bowls and serving spoons were used to hit one another.

The bide and the groom’s father, who were performing the dwaarchaar ceremony, ran towards pandal to understand what happened. They tried to pacify but both sides refused to relent.

Manoj, along with other baratis, abused and thrashed up the bride’s father and other relatives. Meanwhile police was called to control the matter. The police, somehow, counseled both sides and restored peace. Later, village elders and the panchayat were called to sort out the issue.

But the bride, who watched how the whole drama unfolded, got annoyed with the insult and beating up of her father and refused to marry. Everyone pleaded the girl to complete the marriage ceremony. But she did not agree even on repeated requests from her parents. Finally, the marriage was called off.