Not an April fool's joke: 34 bars and pubs in Gurgaon’s Cyber-Hub may go dry from April 1

Please note that this in no way is an April fools joke! As per Supreme Court's order, a number of pubs in Gurgaon's Cyber hub are set to go dry from April 1

In what may come as major disappointment to party-goers in the millennium city, the supreme court have asserted that the court’s decision to ban on sale of alcohol at shops within 500 metres of highways includes the pubs and bars.

Which means that at least 34 bars and pubs are all set to go dry in Gurgaon’s Cyber-hub from April. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the pubs owners in Cyber hub and Sector 29 had moved the apex court to seek a clarification on the court’s order.

The court is reportedly not planning to renew the licenses of these pubs which stands 500 metres away from the Highway. The Supreme Court had earlier ruled that alcohol will not be sold within 500 metres of national and state highways. As many as 109 pubs and 43 liquor shops who may loose their licenses. The report further suggested that the move may leave a number of staffers working in these pubs jobless.

“How was the distance measured? By road or by air? It is not defined clearly, so we are waiting for the final list of names of the restaurants,”Hindustan Times quoted a pub owner as saying.

However, some of the pub owners have claimed that have not received any notification with the said directive as yet.

Few days back, a new tax policy was introduced in Gurugram and Faridabad, according to which where people will have to shell out 20% extra to buy liquor. Also, the hike is applicable on Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), country liquor and on the foreign liquor as well.