Not An Airport, This Is Jaipur's Renovated Railway Station

Indian Railways is planning to give these railway stations 'airport standard' makeover to enhance the passenger experience

Jaipur station has just got an ‘airport standard’ makeover, with improved lifts and escalators, redesigned waiting rooms and concourse halls, as well as, renovated platforms. The lighting and illumination have been given a major improvement with the installation of high quality LED lights.

The Railway Board has directed 35 stations, including Jaipur, to undergo upgradations before February 28, 2019. The selected stations are mandated to have a concourse hall, circulating area, waiting room, platform, reservation office, enquiry office, foot-over-bridge, parking, escalators, lifts and better lighting. The Indian Railways is planning to give these railway stations ‘airport standard’ makeover to enhance the passenger experience.

Under North Western Railway, Ajmer and Jaipur station were selected for the upgrade, while 11 stations under the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR). It’s a part of the Rs 11 lakh crore station redevelopment program. The Indian Railways has already prepared a blueprint for 204 stations.

Jaipur is one of the stations that has undergone numerous renovations since 2008 and ranks second on the station cleanliness list.