North Indians lash out at comedian after he 'reveals' why Chennaiites don't speak Hindi

Aravind SA took the initiative of 'revealing the real reason' of why people in Chennai don't speak HIndi, however, he has left the north Indians irked.

Often you might have seen people asking – why don’t people in Chennai speak Hindi? This question has been bothering the north Indians from quite a long time now. Tamil Nadu, which is known to proudly boast its Tamil culture, has been criticised a lot for not making the effort to learn and speak Hindi.

To answer this question, stand up comedian Aravind SA took the initiative of ‘revealing the real reason’. ” To break this to you; people in Chennai do know Hindi and they do not speak the language only because of two reasons – Chennai Express and the Lungi Song,” said Aravind SA while .

The Chennai-based comedian, featured by Amazon presentation video, took to stage to break down the simple reason why Chennaiites don’t talk Hindi.

Breaking down the song line by line, Aravind SA said that lyrics of Lungi Dance do not show the actual picture of Chennai. “Mucho ko thoda round ghumake,” he recites the song and clarifies that the makers got confused between Rajnikanth and Raj Kiran. “In no movie, Ranjikanth has ever round his mucho (moustache),” he revealed.

He further criticised the line: “Coconut mein lassi milake,” saying that Kerala is known for coconut whereas lassi belongs to Punjab, then how on earth the coconut lassi can be a Chennai thing, he questioned.

Video Courtesy: YouTube

While the crowd seemed to enjoy the show, the comments section on YouTube has turned into a battleground, with many North Indians lashing out at the comedian. Predictably, many of the comments are along the lines of why Hindi shouldn’t be accepted by all, and if such videos were not divisive:

Here’re a few comments in which the stand up comedian was criticised.

“I am not getting why South Indian people get offended over Hindi. it’s just a language. A language is something via which we communicate. and the only reason for Hindi as the national language is it is the only language somewhat similar to Sanskrit. Thank god you people don’t have issues with National Anthem. Because that is in Bengali.”

“Okay so basically, nobody is telling you guys Tamilians to make Hindi compulsory in the state. I am just saying that if a person doesn’t know Tamil and if he is trying to communicate in Hindi, then reply back to him. When it comes to taking pride in the language its going to help you guys. Even Hindi is one of our country’s languages, then why not at least try communicating with north Indians in Hindi. Speak as much Tamil as you want in front of your Tamil friends and family but when a north Indian who doesn’t understand the “enga mau pora mua etc etc” at least try and communicate him in Hindi. Pride is different and what you guys are doing is different. Localities of Chennai auto drivers and shit try to loot north Indians just because they are not aware. I have experienced it and seen it.”

“So u’ll create problems for north Indians just because of a silly song..”

“These type of persons like divide and rule policy…… Before uploading this video think of people still fighting in border both south Indian and north Indian…We all are one …Never break unity of India…Jai Hind”

With over a 4 lakh views, the video has managed to make people laugh and outrage in equal numbers.