Guwahati veteran journo thinks there's something odd about Sari-clad women buying booze; internet didn't spare him

"This guy has demeaned the profession of journalism," Partha Satyanveshi wrote in his post

At a time when moral policing by media is considered as the lowest form of opinion formation, a Facebook post by a Guwahati man against a fellow journalist has gone viral on the social media.

Partha Satyanveshi, who works as an Assistant Editor at the NorthEast Today, criticised a fellow journalist who goes by the name of Afnur Ali on Facebook and works for a regional media house Dy365, for posting a photo of women in sarees outside a liquor shop with the caption ‘Saraswati puja special’. Here’s a screenshot of Afnur Ali’s post:


Afnur Ali post (Photo: Facebook/ Anee Sharma)

Addressing his post to another senior journalist from the media organisation, Satyanveshi questioned him if it was wrong for a girl to buy her drink from a wine shop? Here’s what he wrote:

Being a veteran, can you tell me is it wrong for a girl to buy her drink from a licensed wine shop? Is it wrong for her to buy her drink in traditional Assamese dress? This guy has demeaned the profession of journalism.

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Here’s a screenshot of Partha Satyanveshi’s post:


Partha Satyanveshi (Photo: Guwahati Plus)

Satyanveshi slammed the journos for not being responsible enough while sharing information from their personal social media handles and demanded immediate termination of the Dy365 journo Afnur Ali.

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His post soon went viral on the social media and invited a similar response wherein people slammed journos for gender profiling and discrimination. Check out some of the reactions here:

According to a report by the Guwahati Plus, one of the journalists was forced to apologize following the social media outrage.