Teachers in Uttar Pradesh universities asked to follow dress code, declare assets

Teachers teaching in the Uttar Pradesh universities have been asked to follow the designated dress code while coming to college

Days after new Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took over as the CM, the all teachers teaching in UP universities have been directed by the Director of Higher education to follow proper dress code when they come to the college.

The women teachers teaching in the colleges will have to wear sarees and the male teachers have been asked to wear proper pant-shirt. Additionally, teachers and staff members teaching in the Government and private Universities in Uttar Pradesh have also been asked to submit details of their assets to the state government.

A similar directive was rolled out in the state of Karnataka creating a huge uproar among the teachers. The teachers were asked to follow the dress code assigned by the authorities. The teachers hit out and urged them to withdraw the circular while adding that if the universities cannot make the students follow a dress code how could they expect the faculty members to follow the same.

This comes days after a school in Mumbai asked the parents of the students to follow a dress code when they come to the school. They were asked to come in a “decent and modest attire”. They were also asked to submit their mobile phones at the reception when they visit the school to attend meetings.