No alcohol and meat will be served in Haryana on April 9! It has nothing to do with liquor ban

Haryana will be observing no meat and no alcohol day on April 9. And no it's got nothing do with liquor and meat ban

Amid crackdown of slaughterhouses in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana government has now announced that the state will observe no meat and no alcohol day on Mahavir Jayanti on April 9.

“The Haryana government has decided to celebrate Mahavir Jayanti as ‘Ahimsha Divas’ every year on April 9 when slaughterhouses will remain closed in the state, and there would be a complete ban on the sale of meat, eggs, fish and liquor,” Ians quoted Kavita Jain Kavita Jain as saying.

The police officials have been asked to follow the given orders and maintain law and order in the state.

“Keeping in view the decision taken by the state government, all deputy commissioners, commissioners of municipal corporations and executive officers and secretaries of municipal councils and committees have been directed to ensure compliance of these instructions in areas under their jurisdiction,” she added.

A year after BJP took over Haryana, the state government had put a complete ban on the sale of beef in the year 2015. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that no liquor shops and restaurant standing in the 500 metres radius of state and national highways will be allowed to sell alcohol. However, the excise department affirmed that they will use motorable distance to measure distance.

At least 500 meat shops were shut by Shiv Sena in Haryana during Navratri. KFC had also faced the brunt of the situation. Even though the none of the meat shop owners have registered a case against people who forced them to shut meat shops during the 9 days of Navratri, many of them have sought protection. Yesterday, the Allahabad High court to Yogi Adityanath’s government that they could impose a backdoor meat ban and that choice of food is a right to life.