Tharoor to Modi: Don't waste time talking to Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif in his speech to UN General Assembly, raised the Kashmir issue once again and demanded a plebiscite

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Thursday slammed Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif for his speech at the UN General Assembly.

“Nawaz Sharif has become more and more disappointing. The same man who welcomed PM for his birthday, is now hailing Burhan Wani,” he told ANI.

“This kind of nonsense really discredits the kind of responsible statements you expect from the PM of a country,” he added further.

“The world has seen that they are exporting terrorists to India. I don’t think anyone will have sympathies with Pak PM after that performance,” Tharoor said.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, Sharif accused India of being in “illegal occupation” of Jammu and Kashmir, and demanded a plebiscite and an independent inquiry into the deaths in the current unrest.

“The UN Security Council has called for the exercise of the right to self-determination by the people of
Jammu and Kashmir through a free and fair plebiscite held under UN auspices,” he said.

Sharif also mentioned Hizbul militant Burhan Wani, whose killing on July 8 sparked off the current unrest in the Kashmir Valley, terming him a “young leader” and the symbol of the Kashmiri unrest.

Pakistan had observed a black day to protest Wani’s killing by Indian security forces and termed him a martyr — an issue that has led to further worsening of bilateral ties.

-With inputs from IANS