Narendra Modi holds a 'warm conversation' with Donald Trump, invites him to India

PM Modi had a brief conversation with US President Donald trump where they held a discussion about number of issues including Terrorism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 25 had a brief telephonic conversationwith the new President of the United States, Donald Trump over a phone call where they spoke about a number of issues including India-US relations and terrorism. While Donald Trump termed India as a ‘true friend’, PM Modi asserted that he had a “warm” conversation with Trump and has even invited him to visit India.

PM Modi took to Twitter to share the conversation he had with Trump saying that the United States President and him have agreed to work closely in the coming days to improve US-India ties.

The conversation was a part of the US President’s call to the world leaders.

This came just four days after Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Meanwhile, during the call Trump asserted that PM Modi was the fifth leader he had a conversation with after swearing in and that they would work in unison in matters of defense and terrorism. The other four leader to have spoke to Trump include the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“President Trump emphasised that the US considers India a true friend and partner in addressing challenges around the world,” the White House said in a statement. Trump has also urged PM Modi to visit the US later this year. Modi was among the first world leaders to have congratulated Trump after the New York billionaire was sworn in as the American president.

The two leaders have been compared extensively in the past, and are believed to have share common security concerns, specifically those relating to terrorism.