This video of PM Modi being greeted with a namaste by a cute kid will melt your heart

Narendra Modi met the residents of Chango village near Sumdo in Himachal Pradesh on Diwali.

You have seen him delivering fiery speeches warning Pakistan to mend its ways, and unleashing vitriolic attacks at the opposition. But are you aware about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s affection towards children?

A latest video of Modi interacting with a kid in Chango village near Sumdo, Himachal Pradesh is breaking the internet. On Sunday, the PM celebrated Diwali with the Indian Army jawans serving along Indo-China border. He also met the residents of the nearby villages. It was when he bumped into this kid. The cute kid immediately responded with a namaste and Modi happily obliged. The video went instantly viral on the internet.

In recent times, Modi is known to be fond of kids and videos of him interacting with them are very popular.  Last month, he celebrated his 67th birthday with ‘Divyang’ or specially-abled kids in Navsari, Gujarat. Besides this, a video of him playing with a kid in Chhattisgarh generated a lot of views on social media.

He is also known to be patiently answering questions posed  by children during events. On one occasion in 2013, a young girl asked how many times did he get angry in a day, leaving the then Gujarat chief minister in splits. Modi patiently answered the question, evoking applause from the audience.