Muslim man allegedly gives triple talaq to wife for switching off the fan. Here's what happened

Believe it or not, a Muslim man has given a triple talaq to his wife for allegedly switching off the fan. Read full story here

In a shocking incident, a Muslim man gave triple talaq to his wife after she switched off the fan while he was sleeping. The most strange point of this entire episode is that it had happened 3 years ago but the case was brought up by an NGO after the man filed a complaint against his wife that she is not leaving his house even after he had given her a divorce. In addition, the complaint was filed over a month ago and notices have been issued to the wife.

The NGO Pydhonie which looks into marital issues through Shariat-based laws raised the issue. According to several media reports, a 55-year-old man and her daughter were summoned by the Public Complaint Centre, works under Bombay Social Service and provides free legal aid and help to couples, on the complaint of her 65-year-old husband who had divorced her in August 2014.

The woman said,”The fan in the room in which he was sleeping makes a lot of noise. So I switched it off so that he could listen to me properly. But he got furious, called the neighbours and making one of my daughters and the neighbour the witness, he divorced me.”

And now the women has been asked by the man to leave his house.

On the other hand, the chief organiser of Public Complaint Center, Abdul Razzak Maniyar,  has stated that the Mufti of the Haji Ali Dargah issued a Fatwa back in 2014 to validate the divorce.

He said,”Both the parties want to live separately. This will not be good for either of them. We are making efforts to ensure that the woman is able to live with her children in the same house. I had also tried to contact some community members so that we could talk about the matter. However, the husband of the woman did not turn up today,” Maniyar told a daily.

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