Muslim Girls' Breasts Shamefully Likened To "Ripe Melons" By Sexist Kerala Professor

In a viral tape, which was reportedly recorded 3 months ago, Munnavir can be heard making the sexist remarks

A Kerala professor got embroiled in a controversy after his sexist remarks on Muslim students surfaced online. Jauhar Munnavir, who is a Social Science professor at Farook Training College in Kozhikode, reportedly shamed his female Muslim students for not donning the hijab properly and exposing their chests.

In a viral tape, which was reportedly recorded 3 months ago, Munnavir can be heard making the sexist remarks as he likens his students’ breasts to “slices of melon” exposed to show how “ripe” they are.

According to The News Minute, in his outrageous remarks against Muslim students, Munnavir had said, “They wear purdah, but they wear leggings too. And they hold their purdah a little higher in order to expose the leggings they are wearing. This is the new style.”

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Speaking about the manner in which the students wear the muftah, Munnavir said that the students “expose some part of their chest.” He added, “You know, like how we slice a small part of a melon to see if its ripe? Just like that. They want to say that rest of their body is also like the exposed part.”

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Saying that such a manner of dressing is “not Islamic,” Munnavir condemned the female students for going against religious traditions in the viral clip. Reportedly, the footage went viral after it was published on the news website DoolNews.

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However, the principal of Farook Training College, CA Jawahar, refused to take responsibility for the professor’s disgraceful speech as it was not made on the campus. Additionally, Jawahar claimed that no student has come forth with a complaint thus far, hence there can be no action.

Justifying the sexist remarks, Jawahar added that the speech was made in light of an uproar during Holi celebration, where Munnavir discussed “family values and dressing style.” Jawahar further refused to express his opinion on the matter, but maintained that there can be no action without a complaint.