Murder convict on the run for 25 years surrenders after getting diagnosed with cancer

A murder convict who has jumped parole has surrendered after 25 years after being diagnosed with Cancer. Here's what happened

The jail authorities at the Poojappura Central were left in shock after an absconding murder convict who jumped his parole returned to jail after 25 long years in Thiruvananthapuram. The convict identified as Nazar was awarded a life imprisonment in connection with a 1991 murder case.

After serving sentence for one and half years, Nazar left the prison after was granted parole. However, the 55-year-old man never returned from parole and reportedly fled to Gulf nation. 25 years after vanishing, the man returned to jail and surrendered because he is allegedly suffering from Cancer and does not want to burden his brother.

The police officers were taken by surprise when he came forward to surrender. They also had to dig through old files to find his record since the incident occurred 25 years earlier.

“Around 5 pm on Wednesday, he came to my office and said that he had been absconding all this while and wanted to surrender. Since the incident happened 25 years ago, we had to search all the records to find his name and details. After figuring out the details, we gave him the same prison number 9410,” Poojappura jail superintendent S Santhosh was quoted as saying.

He was granted parole in December 1993 which was supposed to end on January 1993. However, things took a different turn when the Nazar decided to jump parole. The police officer stated that he was living in different places in the last 25 years and it was only in the last few years when he was diagnosed with Cancer. He also underwent treatment and 2 surgeries but ran out of money and decided to surrender.

“He said he stayed in different places while absconding. Most of the time, he was in Mumbai and in Saudi Arabia. For the last few years, he stayed with his brother in Ernakulam. After the cancer was detected, he had undergone treatment. However, after two surgeries, he ran out of money and he didn’t want to trouble his brother,” the officer said.

He will now undergo treatment from the jail.

Source: The News Minute