Mumbai: Worried about returning back home after a late night party? Party driver services are here to help

With strict drunken driving rules in Mumbai, a number of agencies have started providing drivers who make sure that they drop you home safely

How many times have you cancelled late night out with friends or office colleagues worrying about your safety? Or how many times have you ditched alcohol just so you could reach home safely? The answer probably is a lot of times. Considering that women safety is a serious concern, girls often keep themselves from returning late alone. Some of them also opt for cabs but let’s face it they are expensive and hard to find when you have to travel long distance.

Turns out there are special agencies in Mumbai where you can get drivers who can safely drop you back home. Which also means that you will not have to worry about drinking and driving.

“With these services, we can party till late night and not worry about how to return home. We were always particular not to drink and drive and as a result, one of our friends always had to miss out on the fun. Cabs were also not an option as they were expensive and hard to find in the wee hours,” Indian Express quoted a Mumbai city dweller Mridula Ramadug as saying.

The agencies that are providing party driver services at reasonable prices  will make you reach home safely after a late night party. The agency also does a background check of the drivers before hiring them. While speaking to the daily, the  CEO and co-founder of PHD agency, Saurabh Shah, asserted most of their clients are celebrities who hire their drivers to drive their expensive cars.

As per the report in Indian Express, the customers book the drivers either for both pick-up and drop or just for a drop. The report further stated that most their bookings come in after the trains stop working late in the night. However, it is the drivers who have to face difficulty after dropping off as they don’t find an easy commute to return back home.