Mumbai has a revolutionary plan to provide hassle free travel to its commuters

Reportedly, Delhi and Kolkata metros are also planning to come up with this system soon

In order to provide hassle free and convenient travel to its commuters, the Mumbai metro is all set to come up with India’s first mobile ticketing system, ‘OnGo’. If everything goes as per the plan from mid-August, while travelling from the Reliance Infrastructure-promoted Mumbai Metro One, you will not need to carry a smart card or wait in the queue to get a metro ticket.

After the launch of ‘OnGo’, the commuters will be able to pass the AFC gates only by using their mobile phones. The person would just need to put his mobile phone close to the sensor of the gate as soon as it will scan the code, he will be able to access the platform.

As per a report in the Hindustan Times, a senior official said, “Commuters will no longer need to go to a ticket counter or to customer care to get a ticket or a pass. All you need now is a smartphone”. Also, it will be for the first time when a mobile ticketing system will be implemented in any of the India’s metro.

Soon after the system is implemented, the commuters will be able to buy tickets by using the Mumbai Metro app. On paying the amount by using their wallets or e-wallet a OR code will come.

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The officials added that the sale of smart cards and tickets at the counter will not stopped after the mobile ticketing system is introduced. Reportedly, Delhi and Kolkata metros are also planning to come up with the mobile-ticketing systems soon.

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“Most popular Metros in the world such as the London underground and the New York and Singapore subways use mobility cards,” said an official.

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