MP: Well used by Dalits contaminated with kerosene for playing 'band baaja' at wedding

According to the traditions of Mana village of Madhya Pradesh, the Dalits are only allowed to use ‘dhol’ to welcome the groom.

In an unfortunate incident, the upper caste villagers in Madhya Pradesh’s Mana poured kerosene into a well used by the Dalits. The incident took place as the upper caste villagers were unhappy with Chander Meghwal, who invited a band party for his daughter’s wedding.

This incident once again highlights caste fault lines in the country. 45-year-old Meghwal had invited a band party despite getting a warning of facing a boycott. According to the village tradition the Dalits are only allowed to use ‘dhol’ to welcome the groom. Upon receiving threats, Meghwal had informed the cops and the marriage took place under tight security. Because of ignoring warning of the upper caste members, kerosene in the well was poured to take revenge.

As the Dalits could not drink the contaminated water they dug a hole on the banks of the Kalisindh river for an alternate source of water. They also used a pump to suck out the contaminated water in the well.

Superintended of Police (SP) RS Meena along with district collector DV Singh marched towards the village, drank the water from the well and assured the villagers of it being safe to consume.

The duo also had a word with the members of the upper caste. Singh announced borewells for Dalits so that they do not encounter such problems in the future.

Collector Singh said that they are keeping watch over the situation and that the police are investigating the case. He also stated that the contaminated water has been pumped out and the water is potable again.

(With ANI inputs)