Out on a date, UP cops marry off couple after their presence in a park 'disturbed' locals

A Blessing in disguise for the couple though

Remember the incidents of moral policing by anti-romeo squads in Uttar Pradesh, where couples would be humiliated for just meeting in public places? Even siblings talking in public were taken into police custody!

Now, it seems UP Police has surpassed these anti-love vigilantes.

Taking the moral policing to another level, UP cops on Wednesday married off a couple in a temple after locals of a Varanasi village spotted the couple in a public park.

The couple, Yugal Bihari Prajapati (25) and Reena Prajapati (23) were spotted by locals of Badura village who accused them of obscenity. The couple eventually landed in the police custody.

When quizzed during the interrogation, the couple informed police that they were in a relationship for past two-years and planning to get married in March next year. In spite of their explanation, the police married off the couple on the same day at a nearby temple in presence of their parents.

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While talking to a leading English daily, Hindustan Times, the police said that the marriage was dowry-free and was performed with the consent of both the sides. Jansa station in-charge Anil Kumar Singh said:

They were sitting in the garden when locals informed us. A police team brought them to the station. They told us they wanted to marry, so we arranged their marriage with their parents’ consent.

Speaking his mind about the marriage, Yugal expressed shock over the way things took an unexpected turn.

I had never imagined I would get married in such a manner. What is interesting is that police made the arrangements for my marriage. The love of my life is with me and I will take her to Mumbai.


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